Murderer of schoolboy who lied on behalf of accomplice sentenced to further six years in jail

One of the men jailed for the murder of a boy in Glasgow 11 years ago has been given a further jail term after he lied in an attempt to free an accomplice.

Daanish Zahid, 31, gave evidence in 2011 at Imran Shahid’s appeal against conviction for the murder of Kriss Donald, 15, in 2004.

Judges threw Mr Shahid’s appeal out after coming to the conclusion Mr Zahid had lied.

They jailed Mr Zahid for another six years following his admission he attempted to defeat the ends of justice.

He is currently serving a minimum of 17 years after he was found guilty of abducting and murdering Kriss in a racially-motivated attack.

The extra sentence means it could be 2027 before he is released from prison.

Three other men, Imran Shahid, his brother Zeeshan Shahid and Faisal Mushtaq, were also jailed for the murder after being convicted in 2006.

Imran Shahid was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years, his brother to 23 years and Mr Mushtaq to 22 years.

Mr Zahid insisted Shahid was innocent during the latter’s appeal and that it was a different Asian gang in Glasgow who carried out the murder.

He claimed he had been threatened and produced texts from the “real killers” but appeal judges criticised the evidence while throwing Mr Shahid’s appeal out.

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