MacRoberts LLP Donates £3,000 to charity after smashing stair climb challenge target

Pictured from left: Alan Roughead, Brian Jackson, Catherine Greig, Morag Graham
Pictured from left: Alan Roughead, Brian Jackson, Catherine Greig, Morag Graham

The staff at MacRoberts LLP’s Glasgow Office are no doubt feeling a little fitter today after accepting a challenge to climb the stairs to their desk rather than taking the lift throughout the month of June.

MacRoberts’ charity fundraising committee, GiveSomethingMac! (GSM!), challenged the Glasgow staff to achieve a total of 1,000 stair climbs in June in aid of Ace RaceRunning, Ayrshire. If 1,000 climbs could be achieved, GSM! would buy Ace RaceRunning a running bike.

GSM! wanted to offer MacRobert’s staff an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others whilst improving their own physical and mental well being.

The Glasgow office reached the 1,000 climb target part way through the month so GSM! invited the Edinburgh and Dundee offices to join in to see if a grand total of 1,750 stair climbs could be achieved.

By the end of the month all of the offices had achieved almost 2,000 stair climbs, well in excess of the original 1,000 climbs goal!

To recognise this achievement and the team work of all three offices combined GSM! doubled their original donation to Ace RaceRunning from £1,500 to £3,000.

Last week a few members of the firm who organised and took part in the event went along to the running track at Crownpoint in Glasgow’s East End to present the cheque to Ace RaceRunning.

The generous donation from the firm will allow Ace RaceRunning to purchase a new Running Bike for the club and a whole range of accessories which will maximise the bike’s use.

Ace RaceRunning is a charity which was originally formed by parents of children with restricted mobility to provide a recreational activity club, primarily based on the Running Bike. A Running Bike allows those who can’t run without assistance to compete in running races.

The club was the first of its kind in Scotland and is now open to children and adults with restricted mobility. More can be found out about the charity at the following link:

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