Lord advocate calls for UK to do more to help refugees

Lord advocate calls for UK to do more to help refugees

The lord advocate has said the UK should be doing more to help refugees who face persecution in their home countries.

Frank Mulholland QC (pictured) made the comments while visiting a group of asylum seekers in Glasgow, The Evening Times reports.

At the United Nations in Scotland (UNIS) session people fleeing their homes voiced their concerns.

Mr Mulholland said to the group: “While you are here you are Scottish and you will be treated as if you are one of us, which you are.

“I know that this is the view across the Scottish government all the way to the first minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has asked me to send her best wishes to you and her support for our refugee community in Scotland.”

In response to the question whether Scotland and the UK plan to take on more refugees from Syria, Mr Mulholland replied: “I wish. I see it on the TV. We all see what’s going on in Syria. Who wouldn’t want to help?

“I think the UK should do more to help people in need.”

Along with officials from the Scottish Refugee Council and Police Scotland, the lord advocate helped answer refugees’ questions on how to avoid falling foul of the law, on bullying, traffic offences and on how they are protected by the law.

Ahlam Souidi, co-founder of UNIS, said that the event allowed voices to be heard.

She added: “When it comes to the law ignorance is not an excuse but many refugees only get to know the law when they come into contact with it.

“The time has come now, lawmakers need to come over to the community and listen to them, and how they can work together for a better practise of law.”

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