Letter: Witch pardon risks making a mockery of Holyrood

Dear Editor

I assume that the proposal to pardon witches is a serious one. No doubt, these women suffered injustice, but there have been earlier injustices which ought not to be overlooked.

I am thinking of the Romans who invaded here some time ago. That must have caused untold distress to the natives and the Romans should be held to account. Antoninus Pius built a wall without planning permission. Both of these activities cry out for reparation and an apology.

If this seems whimsical it is, because the Scottish Parliament’s time could be better utilised, for example, by implementing some of the Reports of the Scottish Law Commission.

It produces reports on issues which are important to many, and, in some cases, like the law of succession, important to us all. There are significant issues in the 2009 Report which have yet to be addressed.

Are these issues less important than witches? If the Scottish Parliament takes time to debate witches but leaves other more important matters unaired, it is in grave danger of being regarded with derision.

Douglas J. Cusine

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