Leading US AI specialist to address CMS commercial contracts event

Leading US AI specialist to address CMS commercial contracts event

Professor Daniel Katz

Professor Daniel Katz, a leading US technologist and lecturer at Illinois Tech - Chicago Kent College of Law, will address a CMS event next week focused on developments in AI and its impact on commercial contract lawyers.

Commercial Contracts and AI: Grasping the Opportunities is an online event taking place next Tuesday. It will explore how AI has the potential to help commercial contract lawyers become more efficient and cost-effective while considering its potential impact on the legal profession.

Professor Katz, a scientist, technologist and professor who applies an innovative polytechnic approach to teaching law, will outline how AI-based legal technology is likely to change the way lawyers draft, negotiate and review commercial contracts.

The Grasping the Opportunities event will also feature a panel discussion with legal and innovation experts from CMS who will share their views on how AI is likely to affect legal practice across the UK.

CMS partner Duncan Turner said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Professor Daniel Katz to next week’s event. He is a leading global figure with profound insights on how AI can benefit the legal profession by making it more efficient and cost-effective.

“We will also examine how the development of AI likely impact on contract lawyers and consider how we ensure these technologies become a force for good in benefitting clients.”

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