Independence campers ordered to pay £105,000 in legal bills

Independence campers ordered to pay £105,000 in legal bills

Judges in the Court of Session have ordered the independence campaigners battling an eviction bid by Holyrood to have them removed from its grounds to pay £105,000 in legal bills.

Lady Dorrian, the Lord Justice Clerk, sitting with Lord Malcolm and Lord Glennie ordered the “indie campers” to pay the sum to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body.

The campaigners lost their appeal against the decision of the court that they should be evicted. Currently, they are trying to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Campaigner Richard McFarlane, who claims to act on behalf of the Archangel Michael, based in Sheffield, and Jesus Christ, said he has no money.

Mr McFarlane, who added that the judges would incur the wrath of God if the campers were made to pay, said: “I’m skint and I don’t have any assets. In any case, Jesus has absolved us of the right to pay costs in this case.”

Lord Turnbull previously ruled that the Parliament could competently evict the nationalist campers. Their appeal, which saw a man enter the court in flowing robes, claiming to be Christ, failed.

“Christ” was removed from the court.

Mr McFarlane said he was an imposter.

Judges will rule on whether the case may be appealed to the Supreme Court on January 10.

A Parliament spokesman said: “The SPCB has a duty to use public money prudently and so welcomes today’s decision by the court to award expenses in our favour.”

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