Hunting with Dogs Act comes into force

Hunting with Dogs Act comes into force

Gillian Martin

Environment minister Gillian Martin has highlighted the positive impact that the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Act 2023 will have on Scotland’s wildlife on the day that the new law commences.

She said: “This is a truly historic milestone for wildlife protection in Scotland. This law finally closes the loopholes that have allowed the archaic practice of hunting wild animals with packs of dogs to persist in our country for over twenty years.

“It has taken us almost a decade to get to this point. In that time the sheer volume of responses to our consultations have shown us just how concerned people still are about fox-hunting in Scotland. We have listened, and we have delivered.

“We have succeeded in crafting a law that strikes a balance – one which rightly bans barbaric hunting methods but which still allows farmers and land managers to undertake legitimate wildlife management.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has worked on this crucial piece of legislation over the years. It is an indication of this Government’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that Scotland’s wildlife is protected and managed in a way that is both sustainable and humane.”

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