Glasgow Caledonian students set up stall to advertise free legal services

A group of volunteers from Glasgow Caledonian University Law Clinic are taking to Buchanan Street this Wednesday to lend a helping hand to the community.

This will be the second year the law clinic has set up stall, with the aim of further advertising their services to those who need legal assistance but cannot afford it and are not aware of the alternatives available to them.

The law clinic deals with a variety of issues including housing, employment, contract and consumer law.

Cheryl Liddell, student advisor and manager of the clinic, said: “Law clinics are of paramount importance in today’s society. The problem is that not a lot of people are aware of their existence. That is why we are making it a common part of our practice to go out onto the streets and make our presence known.

“A lot of people can greatly benefit from the services the clinic provides and the knowledge LLB students have to offer, we just have to make sure individuals know this route is available to them.”

Rachel Bond, student advisor, added: “The work of the law clinic incorporates our goal to be a university for the common good. Our student advisors have had a positive impact on the local community with the assistance they provide to those who do not qualify for legal aid.

“Having a stall on Buchanan Street will allow the law clinic to promote its services to the community, and we hope for this week’s stall to be as successful as last years”.

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