FNF Scotland reminds legislators of key principles

Families Need Fathers Scotland, in conjunction with its brother charities in England and Wales, has updated its Charter for Fathers ahead of Father’s Day to remind legislators and professionals involved in the administration of family law of the principles that underpin the charity.

The five key principles are:

* No child should be denied a full and loving relationship with both their parents unless it has been proven that such a relationship presents a risk to the child;

* The family justice system should promote collaboration and shared parenting between parents following separation;

* Family courts need to respond swiftly to breaches of contact orders, to ensure that relationships between children and the parent they do not live with day-to-day are not compromised;

* Information and support services should be easily accessible for separated parents throughout the different pathways of the family justice system;

* The important contribution of fathers, mothers, grandparents and the wider family should be promoted wherever possible, in both family policy and wider society.

Ian Maxwell, FNF Scotland national manager, said: “There is still too much time, money and emotion spent on sterile conflict between estranged parents. The principal losers in this are their children.

“There is a raft of research that establishes that children whose parents live apart do better in all aspects of their life when both parents are meaningfully involved with them.

“The family justice system has made some important strides in recent years to ensure that fathers are able to maintain a meaningful parenting relationship with their children, but there are still a number of areas which require urgent improvement. This Charter sets out some key areas we believe require attention.”

Father’s Day Charter 2015

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