And finally… litter Nazis and husband swap

A council contractor in Kent was criticised as “over zealous” after it fined a man £75 for spitting out a seed onto the pavement.

Here are six other situations where people have faced excessive fines for littering:

A dog walker in Essex was fined £50 in 2013 for littering because she groomed her pets in a local park and left clumps of dog hair, according to wardens.

In Singapore, where anti-littering laws are strictly enforced, one man was fined $19,800 (£9,500) for tossing cigarettes out his window.

A British tourists in Italy was fined £75 for dropping a morsel of sausage roll on the ground in 2008. This was after pigeons had consumed the fallen crumbs.

In 2012 a volunteer street cleaner from the West Midlands faced a fine of £75 in after council workers accused him of fly-tipping.

NASA paid $400 Australian dollars (£200) in 2009 – albeit 30 years late – for littering in the country after debris landed from the destruction of space station Skylab upon its re-entry into the atmosphere in 1979.

Perhaps the worst case comes from 2012 when a dollar a Cleveland man was giving to a homeless person landed on the ground – he was fined $344 (£220). However, the good Samaritan took the authorities to court and, happily, prosecutors dropped the case.

A typical varmala ceremony

A bride in India recently swapped her husband for a wedding guest after he had an epileptic fit during the ceremony.

The wedding between Jugal Kishore, 25 and his bride Indira, 23 was going well until Mr Kishore took the fit during the “varmala” ceremony where the groom puts garlands around his bride’s neck.

Indira, angry that she was unaware of Mr Kishore’s condition, announced she would marry a guest at the wedding – a man named Harpal Singh, who happened to be Indira’s sister’s brother-in-law.

Mr Singh, initially caught at unawares, declared he would take Indira as his wife and proceeded to complete the ceremony.

Mr Kishore, meanwhile, returned after seeing doctors only to find his wife-to-be was now someone else’s.

He pleaded with Indira, saying he would not be able to face friends and family without her.

His relatives also tried to intervene but when this failed, the families resorted to violence.

Various crockery and cutlery were used as weaponry as guests tried to force the bride to change her mind.

However, Indira remained steadfast in her decision.

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