Faculty thanked by charity that helps underprivileged youngsters

Faculty thanked by charity that helps underprivileged youngsters

A first sortie into Scotland by a charity which helps teenagers explore unexpected career paths has been voted a success, with special praise for the Faculty of Advocates.

Through the Looking Glass was founded in London in 2012 by a City lawyer, Lesley Wan, and provides gifted young students from less affluent areas an insight into professions which they may have thought mistakenly were beyond their reach.

Eleven youngsters took part in a week-long programme in Edinburgh, which included a day visiting and learning about the Faculty and the career of an advocate.

They met Lord Carloway, the Lord Justice Clerk, were given a tour of Parliament House by members of Faculty, and spent time in court.

Sakshi Buttoo, of Through the Looking Glass, said: “We have collated feedback from the students and the feedback for the Faculty’s session was excellent.

“It features as the ‘highlight of the week’ for the majority of the students.”

Typical of the comments from the students was: “I found it extremely interesting going into court and I enjoyed learning about the different jobs in the court.”

One impressed student said: “The Faculty of Advocates was the best session of the week because it was so insightful, far more insightful than if you were just visiting alone or with school, which really helped paint a picture of what life as an advocate would be like, better than can be found online or in books.

“The day was extremely varied which kept things very interesting. Everybody we spoke to was really nice and accommodating, the building was amazing and it was generally just really interesting!”

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