Eric McQueen predicts court backlog to last until 2025

Eric McQueen predicts court backlog to last until 2025

Eric McQueen

This month may prove to be the “most challenging time of the pandemic”, according to the head of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

Eric McQueen has warned that the increasing level of positive Covid cases and need to self-isolate are likely to cause further case delays and that the backlog is unlikely to be resolved until 2025.

In a letter to the Law Society of Scotland, he said: “The coming weeks may arguably be the most challenging time of the pandemic.”

He added: “With the collaboration of the legal profession and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service we are, for the time being, trying to continue with as much business in the courts as possible and will do so as long as that remains safe and viable.”

Mr McQueen made the comments after the Law Society raised concerns. President of the society, Ken Dalling, said: “We all recognise that this is an exceptionally difficult time for those involved in the court system. Defence agents, in particular, face increased administrative burdens with attendant costs, severe difficulties around day-to-day workforce planning and the impact of isolation measures. All of this can only increase the mental strain of an already stressful undertaking.”

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