UK cybersecurity centre issues first-ever ‘threat report’ for law firms

The cybersecurity arm of the UK government has published its first-ever report on the threat facing UK law firms from cybercriminals.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said it was “extremely important” for law firms to have access to the advice and guidance set out in the report.

The report reveals that more than £11 million of client money was stolen by cybercriminals between 2016-17.

In the past year, 60 per cent of UK law firms reported an information security incident – an increase of almost 20 per cent from the previous 12 months.

The report outlines clear and actionable guidance that firms can follow, such as how to defend your practice against phishing, reduce the risk of malware infection and take effective control of your supply chain.

Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the NCSC, said: “Like all businesses, law firms are increasingly reliant on IT and technology and, as a result, are falling victim to a range of malicious cyber activity.

“Losing access to this technology, having funds stolen or suffering a data breach through a cyber attack can be devastating, both financially and reputationally, not only for the firm but also its clients.

“The NCSC is committed to supporting the legal sector as part of our role to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online and that’s why we feel it’s extremely important to offer the tailored advice and guidance outlined in this report.”

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