Crofters to call for law reform at annual conference

Brian Inkster

Crofting experts are gathering in Edinburgh this week at their annual conference where attendees will call on the Scottish government for reform of the law,The Scotsman reports.

Land reform minister Aileen McLeod will deliver the keynote speech while delegates will also have the opportunity to grill politicians on their proposals.

Patrick Krause, chief executive of the Scottish Crofting Federation, said: “Crofting law is notoriously complicated and the waters have been further muddied after the 2010 Crofting Act.

“Crofting is unique in Scotland by having its own legislation and being a regulated system. It is therefore is essential that the legislation is fit for purpose.

“The act needed cleaning up before the 2010 changes. This is unfinished business.

“Unfortunately the 2010 introduced further errors and anomalies. The Sump gathered 126 of these and probably the only way to address them is with a new act.

“Politicians are a bit reluctant to do this, but SCF is asking parliamentary candidates to finish the job.”

Brian Inkster of Inksters Solicitors, honorary secretary of the Crofting Law Group, said he hopes the conference will set the crofting reform agenda.

He said: “There remain numerous problems and issues in the legislation that can trip up the unwary on a daily basis.

“The current government pledged to resolve matters, and the next government really must seize the bull by the horns and sort the mess out once and for all.

“That will involve a comprehensive new crofting act that is well drafted, easily understood and designed to resolve the existing problems and not create any new ones.”

He added: “MSP Alex Fergusson has referred to recent crofting legislation being like the Hydra. You think you have solved a problem but suddenly two new ones appear.

“The next Scottish government simply can’t afford to let that happen again.”

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