Constitutional expert appointed as Mundell adviser

Professor Adam Tomkins
Professor Adam Tomkins

Professor Adam Tomkins has been appointed as an unpaid adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell.

Professor Tomkins, the John Millar Professor of Public Law at the University of Glasgow, said it was a “great privilege” to take on the role.

The academic was one of the Conservative representatives in the cross-party Smith Commission talks last year, and will now provide advice to Mr Mundell as the resulting devolution bill moves through parliament.

The UK government is expected to resist calls from SNP MPs to include additional powers over National Insurance and the minimum wage in the bill.

Ahead of the election, Mr Mundell had warned against the “scheming manipulative plans of the SNP for backdoor independence” by pressing for an extension in devolved powers, and attacked Alex Salmond’s “dangerous economics of socialism”.

Professor Tomkins actively campaigned for a No vote in last year’s independence referendum, describing the Scottish government as mapping “not a road to independence but a ruinous route of reckless abandon”.

On his appointment as Mr Mundell’s adviser, he said: “It is a great privilege to have been asked to support the Secretary of State for Scotland through this crucial period.”

Mr Mundell added: “Professor Tomkins brings unparalleled expertise and depth of knowledge to further support the Scotland Office.

“His advice and insight will be invaluable as we deliver new powers for the Scottish Parliament.”

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: “Adam Tomkins is supremely well placed to advise the Scotland Office at this vital time.

“I am delighted that his wisdom and expertise will be on hand as the UK government pushes the new Scotland Bill into law.”

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