Bid to introduce elected conveners for Holyrood committees fails

Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick MSP
Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick MSP

The case for the introduction of elected conveners for Scottish Parliament committees as a stand-alone reform has not been made according to a report issued today by the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments (SPPA) Committee.

The committee was asked to consider the case for elected committee conveners by the Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick MSP.

This was part of the Presiding Officer’s reform work aimed at strengthening the Parliament’s procedures to ensure they are relevant, topical and in touch with the wider public and civic Scotland.

However, during the course of its inquiry the committee concluded that there are wider issues of committee reform which need to be considered first.

Committee convener, Stewart Stevenson MSP said: “The Scottish Parliament’s committee system plays a crucial role in scrutinising legislation and holding the Scottish government to account.

“During our evidence we heard about the benefits that elected conveners had brought to the House of Commons.

“We also heard that change is needed in the Scottish Parliament committee system. But the Westminster system is very different and we are not convinced that these changes would have the same impact here.

“Instead, it became increasingly clear that to the committee that elected conveners are not the right first step to wider reform. There are other issues which should be considered first.

“There is no doubt that the time for reform is now, in readiness for the next session of Parliament. That is why our committee has agreed to begin a focussed discussion about the steps needed to strengthen committees’ ability to scrutinise legislation and policy, and hold the government to account.”

The SPPA Committee intends to undertake an inquiry into the operation of committees and will report by Christmas.

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