AI predicts outcomes of trials with high success rate

AI predicts outcomes of trials with high success rate

Artificial intelligence is able to predict the outcomes of trials with a high success rate, a paper published yesterday argues.

The Brief reports that computers have correctly predicted 88 per cent of prosecution decisions in studies using American legal data and 82 per cent of outcomes in asylum cases as well as 70 per cent of US Supreme Court judgments.

Professor Elliott Ash, of Warwick University, who authored the report, said AI could be a powerful tool for judges.

“This is an app that takes in evidence data, runs the numbers, and then produces a prediction about what previous judges would have likely decided.

“Human judges would then use this prediction as an input into their own decision, which would be based on a wider range of factors”.

Machine learning systems absorb previous decisions, including the biases they contain.

“This matters for the robot judges because any automated decision system that is trained on biased data will also be biased,” Professor Ash said.

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