19th century Scottish magistrate’s remains dug up by grave robbers

Police are looking for grave robbers who dug up the 200-year-old skeleton of a Scottish magistrate and left his bones scattered around a churchyard.

The remains of Stephen Williamson were strewn around the churchyard and police believe his skull may have been stolen as it has not been found.

A spade was used to dig Mr Williamson’s grave and to cut through his bones, before fragments were left in soil on the surface.

Mr Williamson’s remains were removed from Kilrenny Church between March 1 and Sunday, near Anstruther in Fife.

He was a farmer, shipowner and magistrate in the East Neuk of Fife and died in 1816.

The Reverend Arthur Christie said: “It’s shocking, it is macabre, and it’s just all been guess work for me and the police.

“It’s really bizarre.”

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