Yousaf hails progress of justice strategy

Humza Yousaf

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has hailed progress on a strategy to “create safer and more resilient” communities across Scotland.

Mr Yousaf thanked partners for the work done to achieve a number of key justice outcomes as part of an annual update.

He outlined further actions being taken forward over 2018-19 in an update paper, including: expansion of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme and Medics Against Violence programme into more schools; consulting on reform to Scotland’s hate crime legislation; on-going joint response work between Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Scottish Ambulance Service, as part of wider public service reform, to share key data to identify vulnerability and focus on prevention and action to improve contact between parents in prison and their children, to support positive attachment.

Mr Yousaf said: “Scotland has become a safer place over the past decade, with less crime, falling drug use and better support for victims. This strategy has focussed our priorities over the past year, and we have achieved a great deal in that time, thanks to the hard work of professionals across the justice system, and critically, in partnerships with wider public services including, health, education, housing and employment, and with the third sector.

“However, the job is never done and this update report has allowed us to see what has worked, and what we still need to do to tackle crime and the inequality that often influences the likelihood of someone being a victim or being drawn into offending.

“This update will renew our focus for 2018-19, to deliver on our priorities and achieve our ambition of a safer and more resilient Scotland.”