Use of Glasgow Airport in CIA rendition of man to Egypt revealed

The use of Glasgow Airport in the rendition of a man whose torture in Egypt led to the false information which provided part of the case for the Iraq War has been revealed in a new report on the CIA’s network of black sites around the world.

A new report presents, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of the CIA’s black site network, drawing on new data derived from an analysis of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 2014 study of CIA detention.

CIA Torture Unredacted, by The Rendition Project, comes just a week after the one year anniversary of the UK government announcing that it would decide – within 60 days – whether or not to hold an independent judge-led inquiry into UK involvement in post-9/11 torture.

No decision has yet been made.

The report makes a number of findings, among them the identification of the 28 individuals whose renditions were facilitated using UK territory.

It identifies the individual whom the ISC referred to as the “unknown detainee” – Umar Faruq – believed to have been rendered through Diego Garcia in September 2002.

Included in the list of individuals rendered using UK territory or airspace is Abd Al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was tortured in Thailand among other places while current CIA director Gina Haspel allegedly ran the black site there.

The report details the use of Glasgow airport in the rendition of Ibn Sheikh al-Libi, whose torture in Egypt led to the false information which provided part of the case for the Iraq War. The ISC report revealed that an MI6 officer stood by and watched as he was rendered to Egypt in a coffin.

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