Sheriff points to ‘very definite association’ between Buckfast and violence

Dundee Sheriff Court (Photo credit: Google Street View)

A sheriff has pointed to the “very definite association between Buckfast and violence” after sentencing a man who smashed a bottle of the drink over a boy’s head at a birthday party.

Callum Anderson, 18, attacked the unnamed boy at the party in Brechin in Angus, The Courier reports.

Sheriff Alastair Brown, at Dundee Sheriff Court, said: “There is in my professional experience a very definite association between Buckfast and violence.

“Those of us who have practised in any capacity anywhere in the west of Scotland have been particularly aware of that, but I’ve seen it in this court as well, and also in Dundee High Court.

“Someone who drinks two and a half bottles of buckfast is drinking something that is often seen as a feature of cases involving violence.

“I’m aware the monks of Buckfast Abbey advertise this as something to be taken in moderation. The fact is some people drink far too much of it and get violent.”

Mr Anderson pleaded guilty on indictment to assault and was handed a community payback order, a fine of £250 and was electronically tagged until April.

Responding to Sheriff Brown’s comments, Buckfast sales manager Stewart Wilson said: “If Sheriff Brown believes that, then the accused should be admonished.”