Scottish dimension of EU trade deal negotiations under spotlight at seminar

Peter Sellar

Prime Minister Theresa May has recently laid out her government’s approach to a future trade deal between the UK and the EU. The final form of that deal will be highly significant for any business in Scotland, large or small, which buys or sells goods or services to EU and EFTA member states. Legal, financial, and accountancy professionals who advise those businesses also need to know about the plans.

Advocate Peter Sellar, one of Scotland’s top legal experts on international trade and customs will be looking at these questions when he speaks at the forthcoming seminar “Brexit update: implications for law and practice in Scotland”, to be held in Edinburgh on Monday 26 March.

Mr Sellar will outline the current rules are on international trading arrangements and how customs and VAT duties are imposed and collected. He will then explain, as far as is possible, how the UK government proposes to replace them.

He will also comment on the UK’s proposed Trade Bill and Taxation (Cross Border Trade) Bill, including its proposal for a new regulatory authority. He will also look at the implications of the new trade and customs proposals for devolved arrangements in Scotland.

These are just some of the questions which will be under the spotlight at this important event. Full details of the programme and how to book can be found here.

The implications of Brexit for consumer, environmental, and family law will also be examined by other top legal experts.

“Early Bird” reduced prices are available for bookings made before 13 March. Make sure to book now while there are still places left!