RGU Law School develops contacts with Indian institutions

Dr Paul Arnell, reader in law in the Robert Gordon University (RGU) Law School, recently travelled to India to explore possible partnerships and collaboration with law schools in the country.While there, Dr Arnell gave a lecture at each institution on the law of extradition. He visited eight universities in New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai on the British Council organised tour.

The trip, which ran from February 11-18, also featured two academics from English universities, with Dr Arnell as the only representative from a Scottish university.

The focus of the trip was the exploration of possible collaboration and partnership between UK law schools and their Indian counterparts.

It also entailed lectures to Indian law students. Dr Arnell spoke on the law of extradition in a UK and Indian context.

The students were very receptive to the talk, being particularly interested in the possible extradition from the UK to India of Vijay Mallya.

The universities visited were a mixture of public and private institutions.

Speaking of his trip, Dr Arnell said: “There are tremendous opportunities in India, I discovered that the study of law in India is booming.

“From a student recruitment perspective, however, it is frustrating to have confirmed the fact that a considerable barrier to success is the policy taken by the UK government to student visas and immigration generally”.

The focus of Dr Arnell’s discussions was possible research collaboration, with a number of staff in the law schools expressing an interest.

He has been following up discussions with email correspondence with interested academics in India and colleagues in the RGU Law School.