Holyrood passes legislation banning e-cigarette sales to under-18s

MSPs have passed measures banning the sale of e-cigarettes to under-18s.

The new rules come as part of the Scottish government’s Health Bill which also limits advertising of the devices.

Under the new rules the ban on smoking on hospital grounds will also be bolstered and there will be a new offence for health and social care workers who mistreat those in their care.

It will also see health and social care organisations subjected to a statutory “duty of candour” and require the NHS to supply equipment and support for people who lose the use of their voice because of conditions including Motor Neurone Disease.

Maureen Watt, public health minister, said the bill was a milestone that would help Scots live healthier lives.

On the issue of smoking on hospital grounds, Ms Watt said: “Hospitals are places people go to recover from illness, and they shouldn’t have to walk through clouds of smoke.”