High Court judge criticises Amber Rudd over delay in release of torture survivor

A judge in the High Court in London has criticised Home Secretary Amber Rudd for failing to release a torture survivor from detention in spite of repeated court orders.

At an emergency hearing yesterday, Mrs Justice Nicola Davies DBE said Mrs Rudd had provided “less than satisfactory reasons” for the delay, The Guardian reports.

The unnamed asylum seeker from Chad, who was persecuted at home and imprisoned in Libya while attempting to reach Europe, applied for bail in April 2017 in a bid to be released from immigration detention.

The Home Office has accepted that he was subjected to torture, including electric shocks and beatings on his feet, in Libya.

He was ordered to be released by the Immigration Tribunal on 26 July and again by the High Court on 11 August. The Home Office applied for two extensions, first to 18 August and then to 25 August.

However, there does not appear to have been any progress. In court yesterday, Mrs Justice Davies said: “The court is deeply concerned. Four weeks have elapsed since an order was made.”

Home Office officials say that they have been unable to find suitable accommodation for the man because of his conviction for arson.

Mrs Rudd was represented in court by her solicitor because a barrister could not attend, which Mrs Justice Davies said was “inconceivable”.

The judge granted costs against Mrs Rudd and made an indemnity order against her.