GMB trade union facing negligence action from own members

The UK’s third-largest trade union is facing legal action from its own members, who say the union did not reach an agreeable settlement over an equal pay dispute with a local authority.

Hundreds of low-wage women workers at North Lanarkshire Council are looking into negligence claims against the GMB trade union.

They claim the union secured an unusually small settlement and did not provide its members with adequate advice about the decision.

The union is now attempting to amend the settlement at an employment tribunal hearing, which is likely to be rejected by the council.

Local GMB members have reportedly contacted law firm DM Legal to find out whether they can take action against their union.

Donna-Marie Gray, founder of DM Legal (pictured), told The Herald: “The GMB had a roadshow offering people disgraceful settlement amounts. Many of these people have contacted us asking what the GMB has been playing at.

“We’ve now established that there may be a case for negligence here and GMB members who trusted their union on this are refusing the offer their union is making to them and want to raise an action against them.”

Gary Smith, acting secretary of GMB Scotland, told the paper: “We have submitted amended claims. Our members have been advised that this is a top priority. We remain determined to get justice for our members.

“The solicitors acting for our members, Digby Brown, are providing us with a full report and we will determine our further course of action after that.

“Our members’ best interests will be the criteria we use for any necessary additional next steps.”