Former MMS chief marketing officer joins Lex Mundi

David Sanders
David Sanders

The former chief marketing officer of Edinburgh-based law firm Maclay Murray & Spens has joined the Board of Directors of Lex Mundi.

David Sanders, joining the business development team, brings a long career of mapping services to the world-leading network of independent law firms to meet the demands of its international clients.

The business development team, created in 2012, focusses on leveraging the expertise of member firms to develop global resources for corporate counsel in the form of unique insights and cross-border solutions.

He was appointed alongside Gordon Vala-Webb as senior technology and innovation advisor and Jenny Karlsson as in-house lawyer.

Carl Anduri, president of Lex Mundi, said: “The new members of our team bring tremendous experience and skill sets to our organization to strengthen our support for member firms. We are proud to be the first network to have a dedicated professional resource for helping member firms in their technology and innovation initiatives.

“We are also excited to add very talented professionals to our business development team whose keen understanding of clients and their business challenges can help us marshal the resources of our network and find unique client solutions.”