And finally… good cop fake cop and division of assets

An American man impersonating a police officer got a surprise when he tried to pull over an off-duty officer reports USA Today.

The off duty officer was driving in Dumfries, Virginia when the fake officer started following him.

The driver then turned on a spotlight attached to his car. The off-duty officer pulled over assuming the officer was sincere.

When he pulled up alongside him the off-duty officer told the crook he was a police officer, causing the impersonator to immediately speed off.

The off-duty officer pursued the man who then fled on foot with a passenger.

He was identified as Shawn Michael Robinson, 27 and turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

A Reddit user has uploaded a photo from 1999 of a US couple dividing their Beanie Babies collection before a judge in a divorce court, while onlookers stifle their laughter. Beanie Babies are stuffed, collectible animal toys.

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