David Sellar obituary

David Sellar

The Scotsman has published a full obituary of David Sellar, former Lord Lyon King of Arms who passed away on 26 January at the age of 78.

“David Sellar was the gently urbane academic and author who as Lord Lyon became Scotland’s greatest officer of state. Clad in tabard of office, he cut a majestic figure: tall, impassive, pale eyes above a fine beard. If appearances matter – and in the post of Lord Lyon they surely do – then the holder of this ancient office brought credit and dignity to one of our nation’s most historic roles.

“As Lord Lyon, he held reins like no other in the world, with personal charge of heraldry, and as a judge on genealogical questions relating to family representation and pedigrees. Through his post in jurisprudence at Edinburgh University, he brought to the office the force of the law. But his lifelong study, his “passion” as he termed it, was the study of genealogy – and thus he was possibly the first genealogist appointed to the office.”

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