Dailly to trump Donald?

Donald Trump

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump could be sued for breach of privacy by a rambler on his golf course in Aberdeenshire.

Rohan Beyts, 62, a critic of the Trump International Golf Links site, was filmed at the course in Menie answering the call of nature behind a sand dune.

The footage was handed to police by staff at the course.

Ms Beyts’ lawyer, Mike Dailly, has accused staff of illegally filming his client and retaining the footage.

He said: “We have intimated a civil damages claim against Trump International Golf Club Scotland Ltd for the sum of £3,000 for the unauthorised processing and storing of video recordings of Ms Rohan Beyts without the legal authority of the Data Protection Act 1998.

“These video recordings caused her significant distress.

“We have strict laws in Scotland on the collection, holding, sharing and processing of personal data to protect an individual’s privacy.

“In Scotland we also have ancient laws – which have also been enacted by the Scottish Parliament – giving individuals the right to roam in the countryside.”

According to Mr Dailly, Ms Beyts was “enjoying her right to roam freely in Scotland in April by using a public right way to the local beach in Aberdeenshire”.

He added: “The public right of way is a legally protected route through the golf course.”

Two police officers visited Ms Beyts and charged her with public annoyance. Mr Dailly added that the club had failed to register for permission to make video recordings or surveillance. The club said it has since made the application.

Mr Dailly is seeking damages from the club and will take court action in the absence of a response.

The club said in a statement: “The claims made by activist, Ms Beyts, are factually inaccurate, grossly misleading and have no legal basis.

“She is a hostile opponent of the project who deliberately came onto our property with the intent of causing offence to our staff and patrons by urinating next to the golf course.

“We operate a leisure resort and are duty bound to protect our personnel and guests; no-one should be subjected to such behaviour.”