Commissioner submits Sheku Bayoh report to Crown Office

The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) has submitted a supplementary report to Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC on the circumstances surrounding the death of Sheku Bayoh on 3 May 2015.

The commissioner submitted an interim report to the Lord Advocate in August 2015.

He will now consider the findings in the PIRC reports before deciding what appropriate action should be taken.

spokesman for the PIRC said: “The commissioner has submitted a supplementary report to the Lord Advocate on her independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Sheku Bayoh and further allegations raised by the family of Sheku Bayoh and their legal representative.

“The commissioner appreciates that this has been a difficult period for the family of Mr Bayoh whilst this complex and wide ranging investigation has continued.

“A significant part of the work involved the gathering of expert evidence from a range of specialist forensic pathologists to give a greater understanding as to the cause of Mr Bayoh’s death.”

He added: “During the enquiry additional lines of investigation emerged which have lengthened the process.

“The commissioner ensured that all of the matters raised were rigorously explored so that the Lord Advocate is presented with a comprehensive report in order that he can make informed decisions on further action.

“The commissioner considered it was important that the quality of the investigation was not compromised by speed.

“She will undertake any further enquiries as directed by the Lord Advocate.”