And finally… sluggish movement

A one-hour hunt twice a year could solve Norway’s problem with the invasive Spanish slug, a local political party has said.

Norway’s Socialist Left Party, which was part of the coalition government between 2005-13, has said a “coordinated and concerted effort” is needed to fight the so-called “killer slug”.

Now a key party figure has suggested the Norwegian government should lead the public twice a year in an hour-long hunt for the slugs.

Explaining the creative “slug hour” idea to the newspaper VG, party secretary Kari Elisabeth Kaski said: “We have been inspired by several municipalities that have succeeded with such voluntary work.”

She added: “In addition, we have seen how well it has worked with ‘earth hour’, where you turn off the lights for one hour.

“Norwegians are happy to volunteer, and all who know any say that we need a coordinated and concerted effort.”

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