And finally… repeat after me

A lawyer and former educator has said reusing old questions in a bar exam is “not a big deal”.

Antonio La Viña, a former dean at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines made the comments after it emerged that the 2017 bar exams used questions from previous years’ tests.

“It’s not a big deal at all for me. It has happened in the past quite a number of times,” La Viña told

Last week student Fred Papa raised concerns about the exam, claiming 50 per cent of the 2017 exam – in legal ethics – was copied from previous years.

“8 out of the 16 questions (50%) in the 2017 Bar Exams in Legal Ethics were copied from the previous bar questions. Only the names were changed. Plagiarism? Or the examiner is too lazy to frame his own questions?” Papa said.

A Supreme Court justice said on Twitter that the allegations represented a “serious charge”

La Viña, however, said: “The bar exams is a licensure exam - the questions should be predictable, uniform.”

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