And finally… open-and-shut case

Judges in India’s Supreme Court have thrown out a lawsuit because no one can understand it.

The case was filled with so much jargon that it was incomprehensible.

One of the justices is quoted by the Hindustan Times as saying: “We will have to set it aside because one cannot understand this.”

The case centres around a landlord-tenant dispute over a lease but counsel said they could not understand the inferior court’s original order.

“We normally prepare an appeal in two days’ time. However, in this case I took more than a week because the facts of the case were unclear,” the landlord’s lawyer said.

In 1999, the landlord attempted to have his tenant evicted over alleged failure to pay rent. After almost 20 years the case reached the Supreme Court.

The following sample gives a flavour of the bizarre order: “(The) … tenant in the demised premises stands aggrieved by the pronouncement made by the learned Executing Court upon his objections constituted there before … where within the apposite unfoldments qua his resistance to the execution of the decree stood discountenanced by the learned Executing Court.”

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