And finally… nuts

A woman who went to court over damage caused to her car by walnuts falling from her neighbour’s tree has been told to accept the “fact of nature”.

The woman claimed around €3,000 worth of damage was caused to her car by falling nuts on a windy day in October 2013.

Walnuts — as well as some branches bearing walnuts — were blown onto the car, causing dents to the body, hood and roof, she said.

But the district court in Frankfurt told her that walnuts falling from trees are a fact of nature and must be tolerated.

In its judgment, the court said: “It is a natural process and is a natural risk to life when nuts fall from trees in autumn.”

The court added that the solutions of entirely cutting back the tree in question or surrounding it with a safety net were unreasonable.

The woman has been ordered to pay costs and has a month to appeal.

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