And finally… naked before the law

Two drunk and blood-spattered brothers kicked, punched and spat at a police patrol car – before fully undressing in the street.

Twenty-two year old Sam Mooney and his brother Craig, 20, threatened gardai that they would “kick their heads in” after a patrol car responded to an incident at a house in Dublin.

Craig is currently in jail for an arson offence.

Judge Karen O’Connor at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court said their actions were “absolutely disgraceful” and imposed a one year suspended sentence on Craig while adjourning Sam’s sentence until next month.

Garda Rachel Kiernan said the pair ran out of the house towards the car where they verbally abused the gardai and attacked the car.

When back up arrived, Craig threw a flower pat at them.

Defence lawyers cited “horrendous intoxication” as the reason for the brothers’ behaviour.

Sam has four previous convictions while younger brother Craig has 11.

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