And finally… gas at a peep

A US federal judge has snuffed out a flatulence discrimination lawsuit filed against a popular New Jersey pork roll company.

The plaintiff in the case claimed that the meat processing firm fired her 28-stone husband because he had uncontrollable flatulence.

Louann Clem, 61, and her husband Rich, 72, worked at the Case Pork Roll Company for ten years before Rich was fired in February 2015.

Louann said that Rich was unjustly terminated for passing extreme gas as a result of his gastric bypass surgery.

Louann filed her wrongful termination lawsuit against Case Pork Roll Company president Thomas Dolan and owner Thomas Grieb, whom she said disrespected her husband and his condition.

Strangely, Rich was not a named plaintiff in the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Louann said that the two Thomases made comments about her smelly husband such as “We have to do something about Rich” and “We cannot run an office and have visitors with this odour in the office”.

She claimed that they were violating the Americans with Disabilities Act because of his health issues, and that the company caused her mental and physical damages with their “insulting” comments.

But this week, US District Court Judge Fred L. Wolfson dismissed her case and said that the employer’s comments, while “inappropriate”, were not severe enough to create an abusive work environment.

He added that there were numerous precedents of rejected wrongful termination lawsuits that also dealt with bathroom usage and body odour.

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