And finally… dopey

One man has found out that it’s not a good idea to walk into a police station with marijuana in your pocket.

The unnamed individual walked into Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma on Tuesday looking for help with his vehicle title.

Pawnee County Sheriff Scott King said on the office’s Facebook page: “Here’s a little tip for you though about asking law enforcement for help (in reference to) titles. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT walk into the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office and ask for help when you have a substantial amount of marijuana in your pocket.

“This turns into not only the sheriff’s office trying to assist you, but they end up arresting you.”

An officer smelled marijuana coming from the lobby and asked the man if he had any, to which he replied “no”.

“To make this short, the officer went into the lobby and advised the subject he believed he had marijuana on his person and needed to be searched,” King said. “Marijuana was found in his pants pocket.”

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