And finally… crime pays?

An American mother with a $1 million lottery ticket could end up in prison after being accused of conspiring to steal the money to buy it.

Joan Lechleitner, 51, was arrested on four counts of conspiracy and one each of theft, theft by deception, receiving stolen property, and tampering with records, the Pottsville Republican Herald reports.

She and her fiancé, daughter and nephew all worked in the same convenience store, where they’re alleged to have worked together to ring up fake purchases and returns to the tune of $175,000.

They have each been charged with the same offences.

Lechleitner already claimed a $261,905.50 payout from one lottery ticket said to have been bought last September with the stolen cash.

But having drawn suspicion, the family could be deprived of the spoils of their conspiracy by the court in Orwigsburg.

They have been released afetr paying $25,000 each in bail and drove away from jail in a pickup truck - allegedly bought with the winnings.