And finally… checkmate

A man was removed from court after her called the judge “mate”.

Antony Dickinson was sent to the cells at Hull Crown Court during the trial of Benjamin Bowden, accused of causing the deaths of two people, including Dickinson’s sister, by careless driving.

As he was addressing the court, Judge Jeremy Richardson heard a man arguing with police outside of the courtroom, demanding entry, Metro reports.

After the judge criticised him for his behaviour, Dickinson said: “I’ve just shown my respect, mate.”

Judge Richardson replied: “The public gallery will be cleared, I’m not having this.”

Dickinson responded: “It’s my baby sister, mate. You wouldn’t let me in. I’m just here for my mum and dad, mate, that’s it. ‘I’m not here to cause trouble. I’m sorry. You spoke to me so I spoke back to you.”

But the judge was unimpressed.

“I don’t know what experience you have of courts. This is not a market place or a saloon bar, it is a court and we are dealing with an exceptionally serious case,” he said.

“I will not tolerate disorder. Unless you apologise you will find yourself in the cells. I am not being addressed as ‘mate.”

Dickinson was briefly held in the cells before he apologised.

He was told not to turn up at the court again.