And finally… brief investigation

A bungling burglar was busted after his burger boxers made a strong impression on his victim.

Darren Machon, 39, was jailed for two years and 10 months after breaking into a woman’s home in South Wales.

She caught sight of his Topman boxers - with a pattern of cartoon hot dogs, chips, doughnuts and hamburgers - as he was rummaging through her cupboards in the early hours of the morning.

Though Machon escaped, her identification of his underwear eventually led to his arrest and conviction.

The boxers were brought into court and held up at his sentencing in Cardiff Crown Court for Judge Recorder Lucy Crowther to see.

Detective Constable Darren Bowen said: “The witness in this case and also the officer who recognised the underpants also deserve credit as it was their vigilance and attention to detail which no doubt ensured that that Darren Machon was linked to the burglary.”

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