And finally… bitter pill

A couple who wanted to name their baby after their favourite beer have been rebuked by a government agency governing baby names.

The Swedish couple were told by the Skatteverket that the name Pilzner was - like its namesake - “unsuitable” for a child.

All parents in Sweden are required to submit their choice of name to the Skatteverket to confirm that the names are not offensive.

The baby’s father, Matz Pilzner Johanneson, said the name was chosen because both he and his grandfather were nicknamed “Pilzner” because of their shared love of the Pilsner lager.

Mr Johanneson told SVT Halland: “My father was known as Pilzner because he used to drink Pilsner. I only drink Pilsner and since I was young, I have been referred to as Pilzner.”

Johanneson legally changed his first name to Matz Pilzner as an adult and he and his wife plan to appeal the Skatteverket ruling.

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