And finally… an offer you can’t refuse

The daughter of a late mafia boss renowned for his cruelty has launched an online shop in his name, selling coffee and olive oil.

Maria Concetta Riina set up the “Uncle Totò” website with her husband Antonino Ciavarello in memory of Totò Riina, who died at 87 last month.

The former head of the Sicilian Mafia died in prison while serving 26 life sentences – convicted of ordering well over 100 murders, including those of prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1992.

Although the products aren’t available yet, the couple is running a “presale” to “collect orders and cash to get us going”.

In a reference to Ciavarello’s car parts business, which was raided by police on the suspicion that it was used to launder some of Riina’s money, they added that they needed the start-up cash “seeing as they seized everything from us without reason”.

They finished: “Thanks in anticipation for your faith, we are expecting large orders from you and then, in the time it takes to set up a firm, we will send you what you ordered.”

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