Aamer Anwar succeeds Edward Snowden as Glasgow University rector

Aamer Anwar

Criminal defence solicitor Aamer Anwar has been elected rector of Glasgow University.

Mr Anwar won by a considerable margin with 4,500 votes, while Lady Hazel Cosgrove took second place with 1,400.

He succeeds the exiled US whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose leaks to the media revealed vast spying programmes on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lagging in third place was Vince Cable, who received 535 votes, while Milo Yiannopolous, a right-wing journalist received the fewest votes, at 533.

“It’s a tremendous result - a landslide victory”, Mr Anwar said.

“For me, it just encompasses the fact that students at Glasgow University do care.

“They’ve sent a message of unity against hatred and bigotry. They want their voices to be heard - they’ve fought for far too long and have been ignored.”

He added: “They’ve entrusted me to be an active, working rector.

“I intend to keep all my pledges in the manifesto to fight for students, all students, to fight for the issue of mental health, to fight over rocketing rents, to fight over the issue of Brexit and to ensure that no student should suffer in silence at this university and that they get the backing and funding and support of everyone at this campus.”