Lord Mance delivers FA Mann lecture on non-justiciability

Lord Mance

Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court, Lord Mance, gave the 40th Annual FA Mann Lecture at Middle Temple Hall in November 2017.

Reflecting on some of Dr FA Mann QC’s (Hon) (1907-1991) own legal interests, the lecture explores traditional conceptions of non-justiciability in British courts in cases such as Buttes Gas AC 888.

It highlights the move by domestic courts away from traditional ‘no-go’ areas towards a more nuanced and balanced understanding of the respective roles and competences of the executive and the judiciary; and sees this as a not unfavourable development in an era when domestic recourse is often the only practicable means by which an individual, as opposed to a state, may obtain redress for alleged misconduct on the international plane, such as in more cases like Belhaj v Straw UKSC 3.

The full lecture text is available on the Supreme Court website: www.supremecourt.uk/docs/speech-171127.pdf

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