And finally… home and away

The theft of a tiny house that later resurfaced over 750 miles away has baffled police officers.

Julie Bray built the prototype home, worth around £12,000, for exhibition to investors, but it disappeared from her business premises on Sunday.

Appealing for information from fellow Aussies through social media, she discovered it had already gone from Canberra to Queensland, where police have been alerted to keep an eye out for the diminutive dwelling.

Gympie Police Senior Sergeant Gregg Davey said it was an “unusual case”, but they had already received reports of sightings in the area.

He said: “Some of the locals noticed the tiny house and because it was so peculiar they went over and had a look at it. “

Mr Davey added: “It’s important anyone with information gets onto the Queensland Police and we’ll make sure we get a car out there.”

Ms Bray said: “It needs to come back in perfect nick, I need it for a show in five and a half weeks, and I suppose otherwise send me 20 grand. They’re not cheap to replace and I haven’t really got time to build another one before the show.”

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