And finally… digestives

Three passengers have been arrested in two airports in just two days on suspicion of smuggling 20 gold biscuits in their rectums.

Customs officials at two airports in Assam, in north-east India, said they had recovered a remarkable amount of gold from the passengers.

One passenger, bound for New Delhi, was captured carrying six gold biscuits worth around £3,380, officials said, while two from Tamil Nadu were arrested en route to Delhi with 14 gold biscuits weighing 2.328 kg and worth over £65,840 – allegedly in their rectums.

To round it off, a passenger from Rajasthan was found carrying gold biscuits weighing nearly a kilogram in his rectum.

He confessed to hiding the gold in his rectum after being thoroughly checked and interrogated by customs officials.

The gold was “ejected naturally” and handed over to customs officials for further investigation, India Today reports.

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