And finally… bare faced cheek

A group of bikini-clad baristas and their boss have claimed a local authority ban on revealing work uniforms violates their right to free speech.

Seven workers and the owner of coffee chain Hillbilly Hotties are suing over the “quick service restaurant” rules, which they say deprive them of the ability to communicate through their clothes (or lack thereof).

The suit against Everett, Washington states: “Just like Starbucks with green aprons, UPS with brown trucks and outfits, and Hooter’s with short-orange shorts, the baristas’ attire evokes a message at work.”

Those messages, it explains, are “freedom, empowerment, openness, acceptance, approachability, vulnerability and individuality”.

The city claims the measures are tackling “a proliferation of crimes of a sexual nature occurring at bikini barista stands throughout the city”.

These include persistent problems with some roadside stands functioning as drive-thru strip clubs and brothels.

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