Turcan Connell Carbon Seminar: Is the UK carbon market stuck?

The UK carbon market has developed over recent years – particularly as businesses strive towards net zero targets.  Owners of rural land have been at the sharp end of providing nature based solutions to the climate emergency through the creation of carbon units.  The buyers of rural land (to facilitate nature based solutions) have become more sophisticated.  Prices of land have increased significantly because of the potential to create carbon units.  And the price of a unit of carbon itself is on the up. 

Turcan Connell Partner, Don Macleod, is at the forefront of the UK market – advising carbon project developers, carbon buyers, land-owners, forestry investors and businesses developing carbon trading platforms.  “The UK market has definitely come on in leaps since the unit of carbon was first sold in Scotland many years ago.  As the price of a unit of carbon has increased, contracts and expectations have become more sophisticated.  There are now some good answers to questions of long term responsibilities.  Issues of law and contracts are developing to assist with the ease of buying and selling units.  However, the gulf is still vast between the number of carbon units actually traded in the UK on an annual basis and the number of units that commentators say need to be traded to meet targets.  There are still issues, and some say the development of the market is too slow.”

This seminar will draw together leading participants in the UK market, and will look at the question – is the UK carbon market stuck and how will the market scale-up to meet targets?

The seminar will take place via Zoom at 10.30am on 30th November 2022, and will include:

  • Don Macleod, Partner, Turcan Connell
  • Molly Biddell, Rural Research, Savills
  • George Hepburne Scott & Stephen Prior, Forest Carbon Limited
  • David Robertson & Emma Kerr, Scottish Woodlands 
  • Freddie Ingleby, Caledonian Climate Partners

Please click here to register your attendance. All welcome.

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