Julie Canet: One too many Pink Ladies

For me, “Pink Lady” will always refer to one of Rizzo, Marty, Frenchy or Jan – together with their pink jackets and crazy wigs. What might come to mind for most, though, are the renowned Pink Lady Apples.

Published 19 February 2021

Naeema Yaqoob Sajid: It’s OK to be you

When I first embarked on my legal career, I never thought for a moment that the profession I so eagerly wanted to join and belong to would also be the profession in which I felt trapped. 

Published 18 February 2021

The vulnerable accused’s position at trial in Scotland: time to do better?

In Scotland, vulnerable individuals who find themselves arrested and prosecuted for criminal offences may be eligible for support at various stages of the criminal process in order to allow them to participate effectively. The nature of, and entitlement to, such support depends on the stage in which the criminal process has reached. In this blog post, I will outline the available measures of support for vulnerable accused persons at the trial stage (a valuable exercise in itself, given the complexity of the law in this area).

Published 18 February 2021

Iain Smith: Forget being hard or soft on crime – be smart instead

If we truly want to reduce offending within our communities in Scotland then we must move beyond tokenistic, meaningless terms like being “hard” or “soft” on crime. We need to be cleverer, writes Iain Smith.

Published 17 February 2021

Benjamin Bestgen: Lawyers and profanity

This week Benjamin Bestgen considers swearing, without which many of us would struggle to get through the day. See his last jurisprudential primer here.

Published 17 February 2021

Fergus Whyte: Duchess of Sussex v Associated Newspapers – privacy and copyright in the spotlight

Many will think of defamation as the primary recourse in battles between public figures and those who seek to comment on them but a recent High Court decision in England and Wales (Sussex v Associated Newspapers Ltd [2021] EWHC 273 (Ch)) shows that, under the right circumstances, protection of privacy and copyright can have a significant role to play, writes Fergus Whyte, of Arnot Manderson Advocates.

Published 16 February 2021

Douglas J. Cusine: Observations on the proposed malicious prosecution inquiry

Douglas J. Cusine asks, among other things, why Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has said nothing about the malicious prosecution scandal?

Published 15 February 2021

Rachel Henry: Words and their meaning in insurance contracts

Rachel Henry considers the importance of words and their meaning in insurance contracts.

Published 15 February 2021

Lucy Campbell: LGBT History Month – Caring for our Mind

Trainee Lucy Campbell reflects on mental health in the LGBTQ+ community.

Published 15 February 2021

Andrew Stevenson: Why we should not be pardoning witches

Solicitor advocate Andrew Stevenson describes Scotland's persecution of people deemed to be witches as "shameful and absurd", but explains why a pardon is not without its own problems.

Published 12 February 2021

Liam Entwistle: Employers should exercise caution on mandatory vaccinations

The introduction of mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for employees could create a variety of legal problems for companies, warns Liam Entwistle.

Published 12 February 2021

Gordon Deane: No duty of care owed to individual customer in APP fraud claim

There has been a huge rise in “authorised push payment” or “APP” fraud over recent years. The amounts involved in these scams can be significant, writes Gordon Deane.

Published 11 February 2021

Iain Young: Looking ahead to a year of (tax) change

Iain Young considers the year ahead in tax.

Published 11 February 2021

Benjamin Bestgen: Paper abortions – equality in parenthood?

Should men be able to reject fatherhood without attracting legal obligations? Benjamin Bestgen considers this and other questions around abortion in this week's jurisprudential primer. See his last one here.

Published 10 February 2021

Thomas Ross QC: EncroChat – The Court of Appeal judgment

Thomas Ross QC dissects the latest judgment in the fascinating EncroChat saga.

Published 8 February 2021